Shot breakdown

The above reel is a collection of scenes I made in Unreal Engine. This collection represents my experimentation with Unreal's capabilities, covering all areas of production. The work features a blend of marketplace assets and original creations, with a final touch of color grading in DaVinci Resolve to achieve a cinematic look. Some are stand-alone shots, some are shots taken from cinematics.

This work has helped lay the groundwork for me to co-found Amulet Studios, a small independent studio dedicated to exploring the possibilities of Unreal for filmmaking. Check out the Amulet Studios YouTube channel or our website to see more of what we're up to.

This was part of a short cinematic I created for Amulet Studios to test out production pipeline methods. The screaming head was sculpted in ZBrush. The tentacle elements were created in SpeedTree.

The full cinematic can be viewed here:

This was part of a short cinematic I created for Amulet Studios to test out production pipeline methods. The girl was a metahuman, the stone golem was a repurposed Paragon character. Performance was captured with Xsens, the girl's garments were created and simulated using Marvelous Designer.

The full cinematic can be viewed here:

This was an early test for our new Xsens suit. The character was an asset purchased on the Daz3D marketplace with some custom textures. A simple environment and camera move was put in place to complete the shot. This was one of the first cinematic tests I did in Unreal.

This was a part of a concept piece done for a project I'm developing called Thera. The character was designed by the talented Eleonora Lisi ( Amulet Studios then commissioned CGHero to create the character based on the concept images. I oversaw the creation and design process of the character while building the set for the final shot. The set consisted of a simple interior, and a vast epic vista of a fantasy city and landscape. Once completed, I used an Xsens Awinda and an iPhone for the character animation.

This was part of a concept shot created to promote a story I'm developing called Thera. This is one of the main citadel cities and a Tree of Power. I created the environment using various purchased and custom made assets.

Environment created as a concept shot to promote a story I'm developing called Thera. I combined Megascans textures and various foliage and mountain elements to create a rich, fantasy landscape. I wanted to test set creation and lighting on a large scale.

This was built to be part of a set for a wizard lab. It also served as an early test for ray traced lighting in Unreal.

This was an early cinematic I created using KItbash 3D assets. I was experimenting with setting up Unreal scenes and how to get dramatic lighting in the engine.

This is part of a cinematic series I'm producing for Amulet Studios. These scenes are meant to give me opportunities to explore various production methods. This shot was focusing on playing with the new Niagara fluid capabilities. As of this posting, the cinematic is still in progress. Once finished, the final version will be posted on Amulet Studios' youtube channel.

This shot was created for Amulet Studios. It was part of a short cinematic created to explore production methods. I created the landscape using megascans textures and tree assets.

The full cinematic can be viewed here:

This was a fun scene created for Halloween. I created the pumpkins in Zbrush, and textured them with Quixel Mixer. I created the spooky tree featured on the left in SpeedTree. The house was an asset from the Daz3D marketplace. The other bare trees were Unreal Marketplace assets. I created a leaf model and used it as part of a Niagara system for the blowing leaf element.

The full cinematic can be seen here:

This was an early test shot created to test realism and lighting in Unreal. The soldiers are from the Unreal Marketplace.

This was an early test I did using Kitbash3D assets and a Paragon character and animation (available free on the Marketplace). It was one of my early attempts at particle fx.

This was an early test shot I put together when I was learning Unreal. It uses an Epic Paragon character (Free on the Marketplace) and destruction elements from a Kitbash 3D kit. It was rendered using ray tracing. It's a bit older, but it was one of the first shots I created with Unreal that really showed the cinematic potential, and it's still one of my favs.