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Hiking With A Camera

March 20, 2016

Went on a little winter hike this weekend, and decided to lug the Canon 5dIII along with me. I get great pictures with it, but when you've got a pack full of other gear, and are trying to navigate treacherously icy trails, that extra lump of weight can make you wonder if it's worth it. This is the bag I use. Pictured above is a photo of me with the bag from a hike several years back in the White Mountains. (I think this was the summit of Mt Jefferson?) It was perfect for my T3i, but it's a bit tight for my Mark III. Getting the camera in and out takes a bit of effort, and in the cold weather hikes, it's almost impossible without taking off my gloves.

I love taking my camera with me on these hikes, and in the end the pictures are well worth the extra effort. But, I'm constantly looking for ways to make it easier to carry and access the camera. Often times, I'll be wearing thick gloves or mittens and carrying poles while snow showing up a mountain. This makes it very difficult to just pull out the camera and snap a few shots while moving. It often involves removing gloves, planting the poles or putting them down, and struggling a bit to remove the camera from the bag. The bag I have offeres great protection from the weather, hold my camera securely, while still offering a bit of protection. Having it around my waist makes it fairly easy to get to, but it sometimes makes hiking a bit of a challenge if it starts interfering with my stride. The neck strap is good for keeping it from sagging, but after several hours of hiking, it can make your kneck and shoulders a bit sore. Without a big, heavy back pack, I think this camera bag would be almost idea. With a large bag on, though, it starts to get in the way a bit.

Until I find something else, I'll stick with it though. Anyone do any hiking and have a favorite bag/method of carrying their camera along? Something easy to carry, easy to get to, and offers protection from the elements for extended periods outdoors? Comment below.

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