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DayZ Short Released!

March 21, 2014

It's been a long time in the making, but it's time to share the DayZ short with the world.


About a year ago, me and a friend from work decided to make a short video based on the game DayZ which we played. So we put together a simple, short little story which basically introduces you to the different types of characters you'd meet in the game. Then, we tried to match the costumes as best we could to those in the DayZ mod. Then we had to find a location that looked like the DayZ world. We found a park that was almost perfect.

So, we got together some other friends, headed outside and started shooting. There were 3 main days of shooting, with a few days of some reshoots for certain parts. A couple weeks separated the first and second day of shooting, and in between Hurrican Sandy hit and devestated parts of the park we were shooting in. There were downed trees everywhere. (You can see some of the carnage in this shot behind the bandit.) Luckily, the location we were using was relatively untouched.


After we were done with the shoot, the long process of editing, color correction, color grading, fx work, foley, audio mixing, etc began. There was absolutely no production sound with the video we shot. Everything had to be added after. Wherever possible, sounds from the DayZ game were used. I recorded some sound fx in the woods myself with a Zoom H6. Any other sounds were purchased online.  


Of course, our real jobs soon got in the way and the project had to be put on hold as things with Epic and Rio2 heated up. Eventually, though, our DayZ short was finished. Well, by finished I mean the time finally came to call it done and move on. Is anything really ever "finished"?


Click to see it!

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