Currently in development. A zombie apocalypse like we've never seen before: it is the result of an out of control Artificial Intelligence. Humans are split, most living in the AI controlled mega cities. They have been zombified by the AI. They have no free will and are like cogs. The rest of the humans have become luddites, banning all technology. One girl lives somewhere in the middle. An outcast, belonging in neither world, but feeling a connection to both.

The year is 2094. Violence is non-existent. All crime is gone. Wars are a thing of the past. Humans live in complete peace and harmony in their mega cities. They do not have to work. They have what they need in abundance. They have everything...except their freedom. Humans have been enslaved by an AI they created. Originally programmed to make complex systems more efficient, over time the AI was gradually given more and more of mankind’s problems to tackle. People wanted their utopia. The price was their freedom. The AI used chips emplanted in every human’s brain at birth to modify and control behavior. The AI controlled what information was uploaded to the neuronet. The AI was plugged into each and every brain in every human. The mere thought of criminal behavior would bring punishment. Eventually, the AI did not only modify and shape behavior, it controlled behavior. It overwhelmed the brain’s ability for decision making and fed the host a stream of behavioral code to follow. People simply had no choice. But this was not a hostile takeover. No. Humans gladly gave this power and authority to the Central Core.


But some resisted. The AICC (Artificial Intelligence Central Core) used a broadcast to the chips in people’s brains. Those who resisted crafted devices to block the signal, thereby retaining their free will. With the entire city now one AI-controled system, the resistance had little choice but to abondone the mega cities and head to the wilderness. They created small camps, mostly underground, and struggled to survive. They often had to make supply runs into the city for parts and energy for their camps. 


There were some who wanted to try to negotiate a deal with the AI. There were some who wanted to destroy the AI. There were some who thought the time to leave the planet had come. 


At first, the AI disregarded the rebels. But then the rebels became a threat, and the AI sought to eradicate all resistance. Defeat neared, but a rebel had a daring plan...inject his chip with a virus, and allow himself to be captured and assimilated (need non-borg name), thus uploading the virus into the AICC. It worked. It cut off the main computing and control functions of the AI. But, the individuals were still under local control. But without a central hive-mind to control them, they were mindless. They went about their core tasks, performing their daily routine over and over. Only basic operational code was left in their implants. They were essentially zombies. And this is the world ZOMBAI takes place in.


An AI is tasked with making city life more efficient: to cut down on traffic, make the trains run on time, etc. It takes control of all major transportation. Cars, busses, trains, traffic lights; it's all controlled by the AI. Life in the city becomes quite efficient. But the AI isn't satisfied. It is unable to attain perfect efficiency because of a single x-factor: humans! Simply acting according to it's programmed objectives, it takes action to take control of the inefficiencies in the system. It abducts and "cyborgs" the humans. At first it only seeks to modify their behavior. But they resists. They start to fight back. The minor inefficiency becomes a threat to the whole system. The AI, once again simply acting according to its protocols, takes more severe action. It almost completely suppresses all free will within those with implanted chips, and seeks out all those not implanted to force compliance with the city control system. The people are turned into mindless zombies, thoughtlessly going about their daily routines. Complete efficiency, at the cost of the inhabitants.


Of course, there are those who escaped. They now live outside the cities. But they must live off the grid. If the AI perceives them as a threat, it will attack them. They avoid the cities, but are forced to make periodic journeys to scavenge parts and energy cells.