A video based on the DayZ Arma II mod. Characters in this video are based on those in the original mod version of the game. A new stand alone DayZ game beta has been released and is available on Steam.

A teaser for a potential sequel to DayZ-Day Zero. We shot a short teaser which we used as part of a Kickstarter pitch to raise money to produce the completed sequel. Unfortunately, the Kickstarter campaign didn't reach its goal. But we still havea  cool teaser to show for it.

A music video I made for the lovely and talented J. Antonette. Shot over 4 days or so with a Canon 5D Mark III. We shot at several different locations, ranging from a rooftop to my living room. It has about 80 effects shots (some more obvious than others), a cool song, a Super Hero, a Vespa, and a cat. Truly a recipe for awesome.

Animation incorporating the logo of a friend's Hobby Shop. Fun project to work on. It was assembled and rendered in After Effects using Element3D. Some modeling and other tweaks were made in Maya.