Marlene, a young girl struggling with college, is suddenly hit with terrible news. Her boyfriend has been stricken with an unknown disease which looks to be terminal. With everything else, this is too much for her. She needs to get away and clear her head. 

There's only one place Marlene can go where she can get away from everything and everyone and relax. Her favorite hidden lookout along a trail outside the city. Four miles into her run, she ducks off the trail and walks down a semi-warn path to a small clearing with a magnificent view of the city. She sits on a tree stump, which makes the perfect chair. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. Then she opens her eyes and looks out over the city. Everything is so peaceful and calm from out here. But then something catches her eye; a glimmer in the brush on the ground. She walks over to investigate, and finds an beautiful jeweled amulet. Now who could have left this here? Does someone else know about her spot? She's never seen anyone else here. She looks around ... not a trace of anyone else. She picks up the amulet and puts it on.

Blonde? Or blonde dyed red maybe?

World Rules

Marlene travels back and forth from world to world based on the nature of the world she’s in. In her world, she uses the scientific creation of Professor Bennett. Bennett created a kind of quantum collider that focuses energy into the fabric of space itself. But the lensing required to generate the kind of power he needed is beyond the means of current science. But, it is not beyond the means of magic. The crystal in the amulet Marlene has acts as the lens Bennett needs for his machine to achieve full power. With it, they are able to rip open a quantum tunnel through which Marlene is able to travel to the world of Thera. But, the power needed is limited to modern day batteries and his ability to draw power from the grid. It takes at least 2 days to charge to operational requirements.

Once in Thera, Marlene is able to return home through the means of magic. Bennett’s double in Athera is a wizard, Enchantmen Idyrin. His world is in a state of demise (why?), and he has spent 2 decades researching the depths of magical knowledge (the equivalent of science in his world) to find a solution, and then gather the components needed for the spell. The results of his work was an enchantment which would conjure the key to saving his world. When he finds Marlene, he assumes the spell summoned a hero: one with the ability to bring order to his world and save it from ruin. The spell required the crystal heart of a silver dragon (Or something equally hard to come by...which serves as the lens for Bennett’s machine). Upon casting the spell, the amulet traveled to Marlene’s universe and “found” her. Once she clasped the chain around her neck, it transported her back to the realm of Thera. The spell is a very complex one, and requires 2 days to properly prepare to send her back. (So in each world, the 2 day rule applies, but in different ways.)

The two universes are separate, but linked. What Marlene does in one will have an impact on the other. The first clue of this is the mirrored existence of Prof Bennett and Echantmen Idyrin. People that she meets in Thera are people that exist on Earth. They may be very similar, or may have gone down a completely different path. (Example, her boyfriend on Earth might be someone who hates her in Thera.)

The premise of the series is that Marlene initially refuses to help Idyrin. She’s no hero, after all. She’s just a girl with problems of her own. She finds Thera intriguing, but tells Idyrin he must have made a mistake with his spell, because she cannot possibly be the “great hero” he designed the spell to conjure up. Upon returning to Earth, Marlene realizes that a big problem she has on Earth can be fixed by altering things in Thera. She realizes she must return. She seeks out Idyrin’s mirror and discovers him to be professor Bennett. He tells her about the theory which could allow for quantum travel between universes, but how it is impossible with current science. She shows him the dragon heart amulet.