These are projects/concepts I'm working on at the moment. They are in various stages of development ranging from just the basic concept, all the way to initial character designs and story drafts written.


    Zombies. Super heroes. Kung fu. A love story. Combine them all and you get a new twist on the zombie apocalypse. This is the story of 2 survivors trying to save the world.




    It's Hollywood as you've never seen it before. Go inside a feature animation studio and see how the sausage is made. Follow the stories of these young movie makers as they try to balance life, work and their personal dreams and ambitions.




    A girl is mysteriously transported into an alternate universe; one of magic, not science. She must navigate them both to save her world. But her actions in one ripple through the other. Everything she does in one world has consequences in the other.


    (Series or Feature) 

    SPACE RACE 2020

    An alien craft has crashed on the moon. What should have been the single most unifying event in human history: alien contact, has turned out to be the most divisive instead. A global race is on to get to the wreckage first. A new space race begins, and the stakes have never been higher.



    Old space-based missile defense systems have been deployed around a vital resource-rich planet. Instead of interceptor rockets, they are armed with nuclear warheads...aimed at the planet! An entire planet is held hostage. It'll take a space-age James Bond to save the day.




    Can A.I. chose to be evil? When an advanced A.I. uses an android body to murder the night crew, it seems the answer is yes. With millions of A.I.'s set to roll out into production, a developer comes up with a bold plan to save the program, and possibly the world.


    (Mini Series or Feature)