On a beautiful summer day in the year 2020, astronomers around the world witnessed the most profound event in human history. Something impacted on surface of the moon. Even amateur astronomers were able to make out the distinct details of wreckage. It was a crash site. Soon, it was confirmed that the object did not originate on earth. It was alien. We were not alone in the universe.

An emergency United Nations meeting was called. Nations from all over the globe met to discuss how to handle this extraordinary event. Possible methods of retrieval were discussed. But soon, the talks broke down.The meeting disintegrated into disagreement over even the smallest details. Where would the remains be kept? What would sharing protocols be? Would a new governing body be required? How would transparency be ensured? Hell, who was going to pay for all this? An event which should have united mankind proved to drive deep wedges between even close allies.

Days later, the world is shocked to learn a craft was launched towards the moon. It was an unmanned satellite designed to orbit the moon and study the site. It was from China. A statement was released shortly following the launch: "The People of China will not let the petty squabbles of the West rob mankind of this remarkable and profound event. If the nations of the West cannot unite, then the People's Republic of China will provide the leadership the world needs."

Of course, western nations did not trust the communists in China. Whoever got to that crash site first would have first dibs at potentially radical trans-formative technology. It could swing the balance of power forever in favor of the nation who gets there first. The US was certainly not going to stand by and hope the Chicoms conducted themselves with transparency and shared with the rest of the world.

Nations of the world soon united into two main factions. One led by China, the other led by America. 

A new space race is under way. 



Space Race 2020 (working title) takes the most dramatic historical events of the twentieth century: the cold war and the space race, and combines them with the most compelling element of science fiction: aliens. How can you get any more awesome than that? You can't, really.

The series will be epic in scale. Characters and locations will span the globe ... and beyond. Story lines will include scientific development of space travel, and space warfare. There will be political intrigue, espionage, sabotage. Successes and failures all will come with incredibly high costs. Drama, excitement, suspense, space flight and aliens. Lots to play with. This could be a modern day Game of Thrones, with a vast cast of characters spanning the globe over several nations and continents. Many world leaders, scientists, entrepreneurs all trying to achieve a singular objective. Their iron throne is the world changing alien technology sitting on the moon. Whoever gets there first will gain unimaginable technology and power.