• Brian Dean

DayZ - Scope-gate

Regarding "Scope-gate"

There have been a number of comments about the appearing, disappearing scope on the bandit's AK. Let me, no. There is too much. Let me sum up:

The bandit was actually played by 3 different people, shot on 3 separate days and in 3 different locations. Yes, he has a scope which appears then disappears.

Nice catch, for those that saw it. Here's what happened: The shot with the scope was from day 1 of shooting. It's a completely different bandit (who is also missing his backpack). On day 2, we re-shot all the bandit stuff with a new guy. We decided to remove the scope, because we figured the bandit would have most likely had a kill shot if he had a scope. But, we didn't reshoot that particular shot with the old bandit walking up the hill from day 1. When editing, I knew the scope issue was there, but unfortunately I felt as though I needed that shot from day 1 to help give a sense of where the bandit was, so I used it and hoped no one would notice that he had a scope, was missing his backpack, and was a completely different person. Foiled! Hey, the game is a bit glitchy, and so is the video. :)

BUT...for those out there who are looking closely, so far no one has noticed (or at least mentioned) the blue boxes and camera gear (screen right) in the chase cam shot at 0:49. And also the water bottle (upper screen left) at 1:16 when the survivor axes the infected. (I removed it from the other shots but never removed it from that one last shot.) Also, the Jamie Hyneman zombie was shot on day 1 with his shirt tucked in. On the day we shot the chase/ledge scenes, his shirt was out. Also, the coverall zombie's hair changes a bit. It is much shorter in the field chase. (That's because the ledge sequence was shot almost a year later.) There's also a yellow trail blaze that shows up briefly at :55. Also, if we wanna get really picky, the kicking shot at 1:07 has all green foliage. That entire chase/ledge sequence was shot at a different location, during a different time of year. The rest of the woods scenes were shot during the fall. These shots on the ledge were shot in the summer. So, I had to color correct the leaves in that whole sequence once the zombies enter the woods to get those fall colors. Looks like I missed one. (And the foliage tint changes slightly from shot to shot.)

As I have said in my earlier blog post, and as any artist knows, pieces (whether it be music, painting, short films, etc) are rarely ever "finished" to the complete satisfaction of those making them. But at some point you have to move on to the next project and let the piece stand on its own. For better or worse. "DayZ - Day Zero" definitely has its issues, but it was made with very limited resources, and for those involved, it was just time to move on to something else.

Thank you all for watching the video, and I'm working on doing others. We'd like to possibly even do a DayZ sequel. And it's good to know the audience will be watching to keep us honest!