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Currently in development. A zombie apocalypse like we've never seen before: it is the result of an out of control Artificial Intelligence. Humans are split, most living in the AI controlled mega cities. They have been zombified by the AI. They have no free will and are like cogs. The rest of the humans have become luddites, banning all technology. One girl lives somewhere in the middle. An outcast, belonging in neither world, but feeling a connection to both.


Currently in development. A girl, Marlene, finds an amulet that transports her to an alternate universe. Unlike ours, but it is a world of magic, not science. In Thera, she meets alternate versions of the people she knows from her everday life. The things she does in each world has a ripple effect in the other. She learns she is part of a prophecy to save Thera from a great evil which threatens both worlds.