Set in the future. Today, terrorists take people hostage and hold them for ransom. In the future, they take entire planets hostage. A colony planet is taken hostage by a “star wars” type satellite system armed with nukes, all aimed at the planet. Take one satellite out, the rest launch. The entire planet is wired to blow!


The world taken hostage is very much like the old wild west. It is a colony. But it is a very valuable world. It mines an incredibly rare mineral that makes it very valuable to those back on earth (and other colonized worlds). When it is taken hostage and held for ransom, something must be done.


One man is sent to try to save the world from its captors. He is sent on a ship made to look like an asteroid. It is a dangerous plan, he could burn up on entry like a real meteor. But it’s the only way to get to the planet without detection. He’ll be able to bring precious little supplies. But if he makes it, he will surely succeed. If one man can do it, it’s him.



An action packed sci fi film. A frontier mining planet in the space age. It's a cross between James Bond, Ironman and Star Wars.

Initial concept.