The virus that created the zombie apocalypse was not what we thought it would be. It was a computer virus. In the future, where everyone has been fitted with chips allowing direct communication between our brains and the AI core, a computer virus soon spread through the system, and to every connected human.

Sci Fi/Fantasy          Animation          Series

ZombAI story summary:

When the Artificial Intelligence Central Core (AICC) went online, it was thought the perfect society was not far behind. It was designed to streamline and perfect all the workings of society. Production, shipping, trains, the power grid, traffic ... it would all be run like clockwork by the super efficient Central Core. It's exponential learning rate gave it the ability to process days' worth of variables in seconds, and optimize everything. In the course of a week it was reshaping and replanning civilization.

One thing stood in the way of perfection, however. Us. Humans and their irrational, emotional misbehavior were the one x factor, the one variable that the Central Core could not account for.

Scenario 1:

AI is tasked with perfecting society. It does so with a staggering efficiency. But sickness and death are still things that are beyond the control of all but the gods. Despite its best efforts, the AI is not able to contain and stop the spread of the disease. Humans simply don't obey in times of panic. Acts in the name of self preservation is something that the Central Core cannot predict. 

Eventually, the task of