A rough timeline of events leading up to the Amulet's arrival on Earth, and Marlene's adventures in Thera.

rise of the anlu nari

Razuse gives rise to a sub-sect of sorcerers in Thera. They pursue darker practices of magic, and push the lines of ethical conjuration. They push the boundaries of the Theran Order, and at times are in direct contradiction to the Order's edict. Rather than use magic to serve and enrich society, the seek to use it to serve their own desires. It is a small group when founded, but it grows as Razuse's teachings prove hard to resist.

knights of azura

After the destruction of many of the Azura Trees at the hands of the Anlu Nari, the Knighs of Azura is created to defend and protect the remaining trees. They are a group of Elves unmatched in archery, tracking and woodsmanship. None dare enter the Azura forests or approach the Azura trees without seeking permission from the Knights of Azura.

Theran Order founded

As the use of magic grew more frequent and powerful, a group of specialists was created to shepherd and regulate the usage of magic to ensure its use always served the people of Thera, and was never used for unethical or diabolical purposes.

razuse accepted into theran order

Razuse climbs the ranks of sorcerers and is accepted into the Theran order.

Destruction of Azura Trees

The Anlu Nari begin harvesting Azura Trees to power their dark magic. They drain the trees to an extreme degree, bleeding them dry. In the process, they kill a great many. This draws the ire of the Theran Order. Razuse is demoted and other known followers of the Anlu Nari are banished from the Theran Order.

 Flight of the Dwarfs

Dwarfs were the greatest miners and crafters in all of Thera, and the Anlu Nari enslaved them to mine the Azura from the deep below the ground. To escape the persecution, the Dwarfs ultimately sealed themselves deep underground. They used the power of the Azura they mined to buttress their already impermeable doors, preventing the Anlu Nari from reaching them. In the process, however, they also cut themselves off from the rest of the world. The remained underground until the end of the Dark War.


At the start of each decade, a prophecy would be conjured. This required a great deal of Azura, so was limited to once every ten years. The Azura needed for the Prophecy was gathered each year at the Victory Feast. The Prophecy was used to gaze into the future and give warning of any rising danger to prevent another group such as the Anlu Nari from rising up and threatening Thera.

age of doom

all of Thera is engulfed in the dark war for 100 years. 

2800 bc


The few remaining members of the Theran Order succeed in their great gamble. They lure the Anlu Nari into a trap, and banish them from the Theran universe to one of no magic where the Anlu Nari will be rendered powerless and live out their days in exile, never to return to Thera.

2798 bc

Feast of Theraday established

After the Great Victory, it was decided the events that led to the worst war and devestation Thera had ever seen should never be forgotten, and never be allowed to happen again. A Theran holiday was created to celebrate the victory, honor the fallen, and to remember the horrors of the Anlu Nari. It was also at this time that the people of Thera sacrifice Azura into a reserve that is used every 10 years for the conjuration of the Prophecy.

DArk War begins

The Anlu Nari wage war against the Theran Order for control of all the lands. The Anlu Nari seek to enslave the people, demanding that the people worship them as gods. Both the Anlu Nari and the Theran Order conclude that complete annihilation of the opposition is the only way to victory.

Razuse cast out of Theran Order

For the multitude of transgressions on Theran Order edicts of proper and moral magic use, Razuse is cast out of the Order. He and all belonging to his Anlu Naria cult are cut off from the supply of Azura which is usually available to those in the Theran Order.

Plight of the Dwarfs

With his supply of Azura cut off, Razuse seeks alternate sources. Deep underground are vast reservoirs of Azura. Razuse and his disciples enslave the race of Dwarfs and use their advanced mining skills to obtain Azura for the Anlu Nari.

dark prophecy

For years the Prophecy was just a ritual, another ancient custom whose original meaning and purpose was long since forgotten. On occasion there would be a warning of drought, or crop failure. In fact, over time less and less Azura was used in the conjuring of the prophecy as its importance lessened in the minds of modern Therans. But this time, the Prophecy revealed something shocking. Something utterly terrifying and thought to be impossible: the return of the Anlu Nari. 

Leo creates the amulet

Leo uses nearly all his stores of Azura, along with a large quantity granted to him by the Theran Order to create The Amulet. It's description and specifications were revealed to Leo through a deep probe into the Prophecy. He believed this was a weapon which would grant them victory once again over the Anlu Nari. Many disagreed, and believed Leo's interpretations based on his study of the deeper Prophecy runes were misguided.

Marlene finds the amulet

Marlene is out on a run through the woods, and resting at one of her favorite look out spots when a sparkle in the leaves catches her eye. She investigates and finds a strangely beautiful amulet on the ground. Intrigued by its odd beauty, she decided to keep it and puts it on. At that moment, she is transported to Thera. The fates of both Thera and Earth are now intertwined.