HeroZ is an idea I'm developing for an animated series. The hope is to produce this using the Unreal game engine, leveraging it's advantages in real-time, or near real-time, production. Currently, all aspects of the project are in various stages of pre-production (although it is currently a self-funded endeavor. )

HeroZ is a story that takes place during a zombie apocalypse. It is not just straight up zombie genre story, however. Take a zombie apocalypse, now add a little super hero element, throw in a good dose of kung fu, and sprinkle in a love story for good measure. That's HeroZ. It's the story of two people facing the end of the civilization. We follow the main characters, Henry and Emily, in the aftermath of the devastation. A global outbreak has brought civilization to its knees. Both their lives have been destroyed, but how they each deal with the reality of survival in this new world is very different. Henry decides to stick to his training, his morals and his code in an attempt to preserve his own humanity. Emily takes a darker path and becomes judge and executioner in a quest to avenge her brothers' deaths. They meet in a chance encounter, and initially they don't get along at all. But, they are forced to work together. Somewhere out there is a vaccine that might save the world. And it's going to be up to them to find it.


Character Concepts

These are some early concept designs for the major characters. Some will change more than others.









A STORY: We follow Henry from the raid in the middle east, a failed attempt to secure a vaccine, and back to an apocalyptic home.

B STORY: We follow Julie and meet her coworker Ryan, and follow her as she faces the first wave of infected.

C STORY: Nothing yet. Should have one more minor story line to weave in.




The Airfield

  1. We are inside the cabin of a small jet. The scene is frozen in time. Henry VO. He tells us that people say their lives flash before their eyes when they think they're about to die. He says he's faced death many times, but never had the experience. We continue to dolly through the cabin. This is a small plane, and the passengers look frazzled. Some are bloody. The camera continues to reveal a scene that the audience tries to piece together. Henry continues narrating about his experiences with death as a Navy SEAL. It's part of the job. The camera has now pulled back into the cockpit. The pilots do not look like uniformed airline pilots. They are dressed in normal clothes. They are on edge, but focused. The camera continues pulling back, through the cockpit windshield and outside. 

  2. The camera continues. We can now see flames and wreckage along the runway. Figures are rushing the plane...frozen in time in mid-stride. They are zombies. We continue pulling back from the plane until we come to two figures fighting. Henry and Emily. Henry's VO speaks of the outbreak and the walking dead. Emily is in danger. Henry is rushing to save her. Motion begins to pick up speed. He saves her, but in the process he is bit. VO: “And for the first time, I see my life flash before my eyes.” (The gist of the VO is that Henry has never been afraid to die before. It’s been a part of his life as a Marine. But now...with the undead, and knowing he’ll turn into one of those, he’s scared to death of dying. And now, getting bit, when he feels he’s about to die, he finally sees his life flash before his eyes.) The scene starts playing in reverse faster and faster. A blur...flashing back to:


Henry-Emily skype call (Middle East) (A and B story)

  1. Henry is on a skype call with his fiance Julie, who's back home. They talk about their upcoming vacation together. Out of view of the webcam, Henry is playing with a diamond ring. Julie says she’s looking forward to some time off after all the crazy cases that have been coming into the hospital recently.

  2. Tex, Henry's Commanding Officer, steps into the room. He apologizes for the interruption, but tells Henry he has urgent business. Julie sees and hears Tex over the Skype call. There is a bit of back and forth with Julie and Tex. They are clearly acquainted. 

  3. Henry ends the call. Tex sees the ring.  Tex laughs. “I’ve seen you in battle charge head first into all kinds of shit without hesitation. But never once have I seen you so scared to do something...until now! Propose already!” Henry says they're going on vacation, and he'll do it then. Tex laughs again, “Ok. C’mon. We got other business.”


A new mission (A story)

  1. Tex leads Henry to briefing room.

  2. Tex says he has a highly sensitive and classified mission. A VIP, most likely a CIA spook is en route with more details, but there’s no time to wait for his arrival.  He goes over the intel with Henry. Terrorists have stolen very dangerous bio material from a lab. They’ve been located in the region. Henry's team must get it back. 


Julie and Ryan (B story)

  1. We are at the hospital where Julie works. Julie is doing her rounds. Ryan brings here a coffee. (Not sure of their work positions yet.) He flirts with her. Clearly Ryan has a thing for Julie. Julie opens the coffee lid. “No milk this time, I hope.”. Ryan smiles and says, “A thank you would be nice.” Julie pokes back informing him that she was just on a skype call with her boyfriend. Ryan pokes back. He asks how long have they been together? A long time? And he’s still just the boyfriend? Julie retorts, we were just going over our wonderfully romantic vacation we’re going on! Ryan answers...right, the one you’re able to go on because I’m covering for you! He wins. Julie reluctantly thanks him. “Was that so hard? To be nice to me,” He says, and walks off smiling. She rolls her eyes but smiles back. 


Henry briefs his team (A story)

  1. Henry's team files into the briefing room. Henry is at the front with a screen behind him. He begins telling his men the basics of the mission. He says this is a very dangerous mission, and it's success is vital. He informs them of the bio agent they are to secure. Under no circumstances is it to be destroyed. Its recovery is top priority, above all else. He dismisses the men.

  2. Tex pulls Henry aside. He tells him the CIA man should arrive not long after they’ve departed for the mission. Once he arrives, he will have full tactical command. Henry objects, “What the fuck, Tex. Whenever we let these damn bureaucrats run these ops they always complicate things. If this is so important, tell him to let us do our jobs.” Tex informs him he doubts that will work...this guy has clout and authority of the highest power. Henry doesn’t like it. 


Julie and Mr Turner (B story)

  1. Julie is tending to one of the strange cases she had told Henry about. Patients have been coming in with very odd symptoms with a quickly degrading condition. Julie tends to one who has been restrained because he became very agitated, and began flailing at doctors. He makes Julie feel very uncomfortable. Dr. Kelly enters and sees the patient looks thirsty. “Let’s get this man a drink”, he says and reaches for the water by the bed. As he brings the cup of water with a straw close to the patient’s mouth, the patient bites him! He won’t let go! Julie injects him with a sedative. Mr. Turner finally lets go. Then she tends to Dr. Kelly. 

  2. Nurses start to rush in. The ask what happened, Julie steps aside to let them help Kelly. Julie is very freaked out by this. The nurses have it under control. She exits the room and stands in the hallways trying to regain her composure. Ryan is one of the doctors who comes to help. He sees Julie and wants to comfort her, but Dr Kelly needs help. He begins to lead him somewhere to attend to him, then stops to ask if she’s alright. She nervously nods her head. The nurses call him. He has to go..


The Raid (A story)

  1. The transport helicopters fly through the air to the target.

  2. The SEALS rappel down their quick ropes and quickly reach the ground. Once all have hit the ground, they take inventory, check their position, and head on their way. It will be a several hour hike to the target zone.

  3. The SEALs reach the final ridgeline approach to the cavern. They stop to get their bio suits on before proceeding.

  4. They move towards the cave, beginning recon and setting up sniper positions.

  5. The guards to the entrance are quietly taken out by the sniper. A drone is sent in to evaluate the situation inside. Once they have some intel, they move in. The raid is a success. (This scene should be a bit tense and suspenseful as they make their way through the dark cavern.)  They quickly and efficiently expire all terrorist resistance.

  6. The SEALs then canvas the cave looking for the objective. They find it, and wrap it up along with a bunch of laptops and other possible useful intel. The SEALs do a final sweep. One of the SEALs, Walker, thinks he sees a body move in the corner. He raises his weapon and approaches. As he gets closer, he sees a rat scurrying away from a body. He exhales in relief. “Stupid rat,” he mutters and begins radioing the all clear. Just then, the corpse lunges for him and bites him. Walker jumps. The thing will not let go. It gnaws furiously at his leg, trying to tear through the liners of his suit. He fires. It does not stop. He empties the entire clip into the corpse, finally blowing it’s head off. Others arrive to help. “What the fuck!” Walker is freaked, but seems ok. The others tell him to finish up and meet up. They’re heading out. Walker reloads his rifle, glancing at the headless corpse. He bends over to rub his leg...and sees a small rip in his suit.




The Return Home  (A story)

  1. The SEALs head back to the extraction zone. Walker deteriorates on the way and becomes unable to walk on his own. (He’s showing similar symptoms that Mr Turner had at the hospital) He’s helped along by other SEALs. (Maybe it’s blamed on dehydration or heat exhaustion. They don’t suspect any infection.)

  2. Upon arrival, doctors meet the SEALs and quickly take Walker to a medic. Tex Tells Henry to come with him. “The CIA man is here. He wants to take delivery from you and be debriefed in person. Let’s go.”

  3. Tex brings Henry into the intel room. Burke (the CIA guy) is there. Henry hands over the case to Burke. A visible wave of relief rushes over Burke as he carefully opens the case and sees the contents intact. I already have a huey en route to pick me and the package up,” Burke says.

  4. Henry tells him he needs to take Walker. He’s in bad shape and needs immediate attention. He can’t stay here. This peaks Burke’s interest. “What do you mean? What happened?” Henry tells him he was attacked by a wounded terrorist. “He was playing dead or something, maybe trying to trap us,” Henry says. Burkes eyes open wide in horror. “Take me to him. Now,” he tells Henry.


Ryan checks on Julie (B story)

  1. Ryan finds Julie in an exam room. He walks in. Julie is still shaken up. She says that guy’s been creeping her out since he was admitted. She feels embarrassed for letting it all get to her. “God, I really need a vacation!” She asks about Dr Kelly. Ryan says it’s not good, but he’s been taken care of. He says he has to get back to rounds. Julie tells Ryan they have other patients like Mr Turner. They might all be crazy. She tells him to be careful. Ryan says he’ll make sure they take precautions. He tells her maybe she should go home. She says no. She only has a few more hours in her shift. She’ll finish it out.


Something strange is going on (B story)

  1. Julie walks into a lab. Ryan is there going through some charts. “This is really weird,” he says.I’m looking at the blood tests for Dr. Kelly and Mr. Turner. They both have this medical blah blah. And then I started checking some of these other blood tests, there are a lot of positives for this pathogen. I have no idea what it is though, or how all these people have it”, he says. “That is really strange”, Julie says. “This has been a fucked up day. I can’t wait to get out of here and go on vacation.” She walks out of the lab and we pan by a tv. 

  2. On the television is a news flash about strange riots and violent behavior in the streets.


A New Threat (A story)

  1. Henry and Burke are in the room with Walker. He is unconscious, but has been restrained under Burke’s orders. Henry is quite upset. “Was this really necessary?” he asks. Burke says absolutely. He looks over Walker. “Where is it?” The doctor pulls the sheet aside and shows the bandaged leg. Let me see it. The doctor reluctantly opens the bandage showing what appears to be a slight bite, but it looks like it’s becoming quite infected. Burke informs the doctor to keep him sedated and keep him restrained. 

  2. Burke takes Henry and Tex outside. “This man is not coming with me. And he is not going home with you. You will keep him sedated, locked away, and leave him here. If you have any compassion, you’d give him a lethal dose of medical medical right now and put him out of his misery. He’s gone.” Henry strenuously objects. (He really is starting to hate this guy.) Burke tells Henry to come with him, he has something to show Henry.

  3. In Burke’s room he shows Henry a video. “This is what we’re dealing with. This is what he’s infected with. This is what WILL happen to him very soon. It’s a miracle it hasn’t happened already. The bio suit shielded him enough so that he only got a slight bite, but he’s infected. That I’m sure of. The change will happen quickly. Henry watches the video in horror. Burke says, “He’s already dead. If we bring him with us, he’ll kill us all too.”


Breach (A story)

  1. Two marines are stationed guarding the front entrance to the compound. They see something strange: A large group of men are walking up to the base. The two marines look at each other. “What the fuck?” They turn to the people. “Hey, you can’t be here. I need to ask you to stop.” The mob keeps advancing. They marines raise their weapons. One marine slowly steps forward to approach the crowd.

  2. Henry is standing by Walker’s bed looking at him. He is still restrained and unconscious. We slowly dolly in to Walker expectantly. A loud boom shakes the compound (Jump moment). Henry, “What the fuck was that?” He runs to the command center.

  3. A guard in the tower is radioing command. “Holy fuck. These guys just stormed the gate. They wouldn’t stop. We opened fire and dropped them but they got up! And just kept coming. One of them was wired and blew open the gate when he got close enough. They’re coming inside!


It begins (B Story)

  1. Julie is tending to some things. She here’s a noise. There is a lot of commotion down the hall. She pokes her head out and sees a nurse run out of a room screaming. She starts walking down the hall to see what’s going on. A patient stumbles out of the room after the nurse. He looks crazed. He turns and sees Julie. She freezes in a panic. He has the same creepy look that Turner had. He starts running toward her. She turns to run back into the room but slips. She stumbles to get up. The crazed patient rushes towards her. She finally gets to her feet, gets inside the room and closes the door just as the thing slams into the door. It growls outside.


ACT 3 


Counter attack (A story)

  1. Terrorists take positions around the compound. 

  2. A Huey is approaching the base with two Blackhawks.

  3. Burke is preparing to leave with the package. “You’ll all be getting new orders once I’m in the air and on the way home.” He looks like he has something to say, but turns and heads to the door to climb the stairs to the chopper pad.

  4. The huey approaches.

  5. Terrorists take position on a roof. One has an RPG.

  6. The Blackhawks take a defensive position and circle the base. The Huey approaches the pad.

  7. The terrorist fires the RPG. A direct hit. The Heuy crashes in a ball of flame onto the pad. The Blackhawk pilots call off the landing. “Abort Abort. It’s too hot down there. Rendezvous at the airfield.

  8. Burke stands on the edge of the pad, eyes wide open as he looks at the ball of flame that was his ride home. “FUCK.”


The CDC has been called in(B Story)

  1. Julie is still inside the room. She hears a scuffle outside then quite. She leans against the door to listen. Then the door handle rattles, startling her. “Julie? It’s Ryan,” she hears from outside. She opens the door. He asks if she’s ok. He tells her patients have been going berserk and they’ve moved most of them to an isolated wing. People are beginning to pour into the ER. They need help. “What the hell is going on?” Julie asks. Ryan informs her that the situation is escalating quickly and they’ve been contacted by the CDC. 


A new plan  (A story)

  1. Burke says he needs to get to the airport. He must get these samples back to the US ASAP. They must make it their highest priority. Henry says they should just fireball that thing before they are overtaken and it falls into the terrorists hands. “We’re surrounded, it’s a long way to the airfield. There’s a good chance we may not make it,” Henry says. “We have to!”, Burke says. “I need to level with you. This is need to know, and right now… Well, you need to know.” He explains that what they recovered is not a pathogen, but rather the only known samples of a possible vaccine that can slow the outbreak. “What do you mean, slow it? You mean prevent it, right?”, Henry asks. Burke says no. “The attack is already under way. People around the world are already exposed, what was unknown was the incubation period. But intel is coming in saying people be starting to show symptoms. That means the world is going to go to shit fast  and the only thing to keep it from getting flushed completely down the shitter is what is in that briefcase. Failure is in no way an option. The world literally depends on it.” Henry asks, “Well what about Walker? Can’t you save him with this?” Burke says, “No, it doesn’t work like that. This will only help someone before they are infected. Once they exhibit symptoms, there’s no saving them. Walker is gone.” 


A warning (A and B story)

  1. Ryan and Julie are in the ER treating patients coming in. It’s a madhouse. They all seem to be sick. Julie is tending to a woman who seems quite scared. Julie begins to strap her hands in. The woman looks at her and asks, “What are you doing?” Julie informs her new protocols require that all patients be mildly sedated and restrained. “This is just to help you relax. We’re going to take care of you,” she says as she injects a mild sedative into the woman’s IV. Ryan makes eye contact with her from across the ER. They share a “this is crazy” look. Julie’s phone rings. She’s too busy to answer (doesn’t hear it).

  2. Henry is calling Julie to warn her of the possible danger. She doesn’t answer. He leaves a message. He says he can’t tell her much, but tells her she has to get out of the hospital, and she has to leave the city as soon as she can. He tells her to go to (relative to be written later)’s house upstate and wait for him to get there. It’ll just be for a couple days. “Please, have to trust me. Things are … “ The connection is lost. “Shit!” he yells. The base’s sat uplink has been destroyed. The attack is intensifying.



  1. Julie is still frantically working in the ER. Suddenly everyone’s phones start beeping and buzzing. It is a national emergency alert. “What the hell,” she murmurs. She looks at her phone to check the alert and sees she missed a call from Henry. “Shit.” She listens to the voicemail. The tone and content of the message greatly disturb Julie in light of what’s been going on today. Ryan comes over to check on her. “What’s up?” he asks. Julie puts the phone back in her pocket. She looks at him, “I think we’re in danger here.” “We can’t leave, look at this place. These people need help,” Ryan says. “Something is very wrong. I Henry just called with some kind of warning...if this is all related, then... “ she trails off. “This message is almost an hour old. He told me to leave the hospital. Leave the city!”

  2. Armed guards come into the ER. An announcement is made that the hospital is on lock down. Quarantine procedures are to be implemented. No one is to leave the hospital, and anyone who has come in contact with the infected is to step forward for evaluation and identification. “Fuck,” she says. “Looks like none of us are going anywhere.”




Evacuation  (A story)

  1. The Marine base is buzzing with activity as they prepare to evacuate. Henry preps a team to escort Burke with the samples. 

  2. Henry briefs his men on the importance of these samples. He goes over the plan for getting them out. A large force will exit the main gate and head towards the airfield. They should make it to the airfield, and once there they will secure the area. Aircraft will be on standby ready to land once the area is secured. But they will be a diversion. Henry and Burke will exit the back entrance after the main force causes the diversion. They will head to a secondary rendezvous point outside the city. A huey and blackhawks will be waiting for them. They’ll signal the evac team with an electronic flare. It’s risky, but they can’t take a chance on having the package destroyed in the caravan. They decide they’ll have a better chance of sneaking out while the caravan draws the fire of main attackers.

  1. Henry and Burke load up in a Chevy ZH2, a heavy duty electric pickup they’ve been testing in the desert. It is quiet and has a very low heat signature. The main force blasts out the front gate, guns blazing. The zombies and terrorists focus on them. The Z’s are drawn to the noise, and the terrorists begin shooting as well. The terrorist attack is actually lessening now as they are also dealing with the undead.

  2. Soon after, Henry and Burke silently speed out the back. So far the gambit has paid off. 

  3. A small team on a rooftop are isolated from the Z’s below and taking shots at the caravan. One leader spots the pickup speeding out the back gate. He gets on the radio.

  4. The main force heading through town is making good progress. They’re taking casualties, but are making headway.

  5. Henry and Burke are making their way through the back alleys. Aside from a few obstacles and a couple stray Z’s, the diversion seems to have worked. They’ve met no armed resistance. Burke says they just have to get a couple clicks out of the city to the landing zone. Then they’ll be home free.


Julie in lockup (B story)

  1. Julie sits in a room. She is strapped to a chair. “This is crazy,” she says. “We just have to take precautions,” a man says. “You came in direct contact with an infected who attacked and bit Dr Turner,” he says. She tells him that was hours ago and she’d be showing symptoms if she were infected. He says they need to be safe. The commotion in the hospital has not quieted down. “What the hell is going on?” she asks. The man does not answer. He turns towards her with a syringe. Julie protests. “What the shit.” “It’s protocol,” says the man. Ryan comes in and see Julie strapped down and the man with the syringe. Julie is pissed. The man is telling her to calm down. Ryan comes in and tries to comfort Julie, pretending to not really know her. “Mr CDC Duder, I think they need you in the other room. I’ll sedate Dr. Julie here once she’s calmed down.” CDC guy leaves. Ryan squirts the syringe into the sink and disposes of it in a box. “I think you were right. I think we need to get out of here,” he says.


So close (A story)

  1. Henry and Burke are almost to the evac zone.

  2. In the hills, a small pickup arrives and men unload.

  3. Henry and Burke drive along the dirt road. Suddenly, 2 dirt bikes pull up behind, surprising them. The men on the dirt bikes open fire on the pickup. “SHIT!” Henry says. “Hold on.” He evades them. Unknown to Henry, they are herding the pickup to an ambush. Henry tells Burke to open fire on those assholes. He hits one, who flips over and crashes dead. One more tails them. The chase goes on, speeding over the rocky terrain. The dirt bike is much more adept at handling it. Henry let’s the bike get close, then rams him. Eventually, Henry causes the man to lose control and he falls off the bike, which goes riding along without him. Henry watches it until it tumbles over. Henry drives on. Then, he stops. Up ahead he sees an ambush. “Shit,” he says. He does a 180 and starts heading back. An RPG slices through the air and strikes the back of the truck. The explosion flips it over end over forward. It lands on it’s roof smoking with the back on fire. Henry and Burke are dazed.

  4. Burke slowly regains consciousness. He looks around. Henry is unresponsive. He checks his pulse, Henry is out cold but alive. Burke, on the other hand, has a glass shard through his gut. Almost certainly a mortal wound. “Fuck,” he thinks. He checks for the case. It looks banged up. He opens it, then closes it and closes his eyes. He looks back at Henry who is out cold but appears relatively ok.


The terrorists win (A story)

  1. Henry slowly regains consciousness. His eyes are blurry. He sees Burke outside the truck with the case.

  2. Burke is hobbling around clutching his gut. He sees the motorcycle of the terrorist who Henry disposed of. 

  3. The terrorists at the ambush are now heading up the road to the crashed pickup.

  4. Burke ties the case to the back of the bike. He climbs on. 

  5. Henry stirs. He sees Burke. “Burke!” he calls out. “Fuck, where are you going?” Henry tries to get out , but his leg is trapped. He turns and sees the terrorists approaching. Then he sees Burke, with the case on the back of the bike, speed off. “Burke!” Henry yells after him. 

  6. The terrorists see Burke, but more importantly, they see the case. “Bucka bucka,” (terrorist for, “the case!”.) The men head back to their truck. One pulls out the RPG. 

  7. Henry is helpless. He can’t get out of the car. He watches as the terrorist fires another RPG at Burke’s bike. A direct hit. Henry’s eyes widen. The case! The terrorists get in the truck and speed down to the exploded bike. Henry loses consciousness as they walk towards Burke’s body heaped over the burning bike. 

  8. A terrorist sifts through the wreckage and finds the case. It is cracked open. He looks inside. The vials are in there. Shattered. Empty. He smiles. Another terrorist begins checking out the pickup. He leans down and see Henry. Henry fires and kills him. The others hear the shots, raise their rifles and head to the pickup. They surround it. Henry is trapped.

  9. Just then 2 Blackhawks rise up over the treeline and open fire on the terrorists. They don’t have a chance. A team speed ropes down and tactically advance straight to the pickup. Inside they find Henry. He is unconscious. The soldier looks at a device, then at Henry. He reaches in finds the electronic beacon tucked in Henry’s pocket. It is pulsing, indicating it’s emitting a signal. Then he feels for a pulse. “He’s alive.” 


Horror at home (B story)

Ryan and Emily are trying to leave but armed men stop them. They see all hell is breaking loose outside. **The extent of these final B story scenes will be determined by how much time I have left to fill in the screenplay. They will essentially show Julie and Ryan in a desperate effort to escape a deteriorating situation in the hospital. It will end hinting that things are not going to end well for them, but we will not see the final resolution.


What happened? (A story)

  1. Henry wakes up. He’s in a hospital bed. Still a bit dazed, he calls out for Julie. He’s not at her hospital though. They tell him he’s about 200 miles south. Tex walks in. He asks about the team, Tex fills him in. They took some losses, but they got to the airfield and were evac’d. Henry says that asshole Burke left him and took off with the case. He was killed. They failed. “I know,” Tex says. Tex tells him things have gotten bad. Henry tells Tex he needs to get back to the city and find Julie. Tex says that’s all but impossible.┘

  2. Henry manages to get himself on a supply drop over the city. They are losing control of the cities, but still have small bases set up trying to secure critical infrastructure. All roads are inaccessible, so they’re are airdropping in supplies. Henry stows onboard with the supplies in the cargo plane. Over the city, he jumps out of the plane with the supply drop and parachutes into the city.

  3. Henry sees the burning hospital from the air. He drifts passed it and heads towards their neighborhood. He sees death and destruction down below. He lands on the roof of their house. He breaks open the rooftop door and makes his way down the stairs. (Or drops down onto a fire escape and breaks into an apartment to get inside.) 

  4. He walks through the building making his way to their apartment. There is blood on the walls. He encounters zombies. He makes quick work of them, but seeing the danger inside he hurries to the apartment. He gets to the door. He gropes hopelessly at his pockets. He doesn’t have the keys. “Julie!” he yells, and pounds on the door. It swings open from his pounding though. It isn’t locked, not even shut all the way. A dread comes over him. He enters and then closes and locks the door. He readies his pistol and proceeds slowly. He makes his way through the apartment, quietly calling for Julie, but there is no answer. Inside, he sees signs of a struggle, a fight. There is lots of blood. He finds a dead Z. It is a scene that leads him to believe Julie was there, was part of the struggle, and most likely didn’t  make it. He drops to his knees.


The pit of despair (A story)

  1. Time has passed. Henry sits on their bed looking at a picture of Julie. He holds the ring in his other hand. “I was off fighting everyone else’s battles, and I wasn’t here where I needed to be, to fight for the only person that mattered,” he says to himself. He is in a pit of despair. His grief and regret is too much. He can’t bear it. “Julie!” he yells. 

  2. In the building, roaming zombies hear Henry’s calls. One is in some other apartment, scratching at a closet door. It gets up and follows the sound of Henry. Soon after the zombie leaves, the door is pushed open from within...

  3. Henry is in a rage. He has nothing to live for. He is insane with grief. He begins slaughtering the zombies as they follow the sounds to him. He kills them all. Then a little girl appears at the end of the hall. “Mister soldier, are you here to save me?” she asks. Henry turns...rage in his eyes. “Save you? I can’t save you! I can’t save anyone!” he screams. The girl starts crying.

  4. In the fog of Henry’s insanity, he starts hearing voices. They are the voices of his friends. His drill sergeant, “Get up maggot. I did not train you to be a whiny bitch! You will pull yourself together and you will not disgrace me or the corps!” Tex appears. “Henry, you’ve got a job to do”. Voices swirl. Hallucinations. Madness. Then, he hears Julie’s voice. It is calming. “Julie?” he says? He sees her. She looks at him. “Henry, this is not the man I know. I’ve never given up on you, Henry. Don’t give up on me. this girl. Save her.” The voices quiet. The madness subsides. Julie steps back and fades away revealing the little girl who is now crying as reality sets back in. He looks at the crying girl. “I’m sorry. My name is Henry...what’s your name?” She tells him. She asks if he’s there to save her...he’s wearing military clothes. “The soldiers said they were coming back, but they never did,” the little girl says. “I’m here now. I’m going to save you. I was just a bit...scared before.” She hugs him. “It’s ok. I’m scared too.” She tells him she was trapped in a closet and he made the zombie leave. 


The escape (A story)

  1. They hear noises. Henry looks out the hall window into the street and sees zombies gathering around the building. The noise must be drawing them. “We need to get out of here,” he says. He begins to grab the girl but she insists on going back for her boo. By this time the zombies are breaking through the bottom windows and coming in. They need to head to the roof. They go out on the fire escape and climb to the roof. Henry goes up and lifts her up. (Daring escape scene to be written later.)

  2. Time passes. It is night. Henry is putting the little girl to bed. She has told him some of what happened to the city. (This fills the audience in on a bit.) There was an evacuation. Some people got out. Some didn’t want to leave. Then it got crazy. And everyone was stuck. The monsters were everywhere. She smiles. “I’m glad you’re came to save me,” she says.  She tells him to check under the bed for monsters. He looks and says there are none. Then she turns over and goes to bed. Henry closes the door and stands outside the room. He sighs and gets ahold of himself...still trying to pull it together. He ties a string around his neck. Dangling from it is the engagement ring. “Green zone,” he says. “I’m sure Julie is there. And I need to get there.” He walks over to the window. The camera dollies down below and in the streets are an insane amount of zombies, (clearly indicating that just getting out of the building will be nearly impossible; nevermind leaving the city and traveling hundreds of miles to the green zone) we follow the sea of infected, then up a wall. The music swells as we arrive at a rooftop. Perched on the top looking into Henry’s window is a mysterious hooded figure. Music swells.