HeroZ is a story that takes place during a zombie apocalypse. This isn't just another zombie story, however. Take a zombie apocalypse, now add a little super hero element, throw in a good dose of kung fu, and sprinkle in a love story for good measure. That's HeroZ. 

HeroZ will be animated, and the plan is to create each episode using the Unreal game engine. I've worked for over 15 years on animated feature films as a lighter, and I see incredible potential making content with Unreal. I've been experimenting with the game engine for a couple years, but once version 4.22 was released with real time ray tracing...well, that was the game changer. (Of course, how "real" your real time is will depend on many things, such as the complexity of your scene and the power of your computer.

These are just a few tests from a set I was putting together. The zombies are from tests I did a year ago. So they're kind of old. This was basically just trying to sketch up a potential mood for a teaser/trailer.